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Noel Coward’s HOME CHAT, Finborough Theatre

“The scene stealer is Robert Hazle… make[s] the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.”
The Telegraph
“Robert Hazle’s evocative singing of several Coward standards is an added delight”
The Express
“Robert Hazle is the standout”
Broadway World
“It is important to take a moment to talk about Robert Hazle… a mesmerising performance …a true delight to watch.”
London Theatre 1
“gorgeously languorous renditions of some of Coward’s classic songs”
Ought To Be Clowns
“skilfully sung… Robert Hazle’s comedic turn as the Butler was impeccable.”
London Pub Theatres
“although there are only a couple, the scene changes are perhaps the best I’ve ever seen. The wonderful Robert Hazle as servants Pallett and Turner provide us with vocal treats so that the set changes feel more like scenes and when he stops singing, met with applause, it is almost disappointing.”
A Younger Theatre
” fine-voiced”
London Grip
“…pleasantly crooned by Robert Hazle, who plays two manservants with minimum fuss and maximum panache.” 
Hammersmith Today


WALLIS, ‘A CERTAIN PERSON’ Upstairs At The Gatehouse

Click on the quote for the full review:
“Robert Hazle is outstanding as the valet… He is also one of the finest actor musos I have ever seen”
Susan Elkin, Musical Theatre Review
“…played with warmth by Robert Hazle”
Julia Rank, The Stage
“Hazle brings a marvellous voice to the show’s songs”
Jonathan Baz
“Hazle is also impeccable when delivering the Cowardesque songs”
Sian Rowland, London Pub Theatres
“…sung with Cowardesque piquancy by Robert Hazle.”
John Nathan, Jewish Chronicle


Five Star Reviews for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING at the Rose Playhouse, Bankside:

“Robert Hazle puts in an amusing turn as the officious Dogberry.”
James Price, Everything Theatre
“Hazle [Don John/Dogberry] showed off his comedic chops … it was particularly interesting to watch [him] oscillate between… two roles.”
Holly Casey, A Younger Theatre

… And praise for the new music and Musical Direction:

excellent music…like the lovely Sigh No More with guitar and clarinet
Michael Gray, RemoteGoat
“Another fantastic element to this show was the musical score… Pair that with talented musicians and singers and you have a winner!”
Molly Millar, Female Arts


Five Star Reviews for Robert in Ludwig Live! at the Edinburgh Fringe

“…perfectly performed by the very talented actor/musician Robert Hazle as Ludwig Van Beethoven… gives a strong, determined and focused performance as LVB, his piano playing is beautiful to hear and his comic timing is brilliant. both performers work together to produce a comedy routine at its best.”
Faye Stockley,

Audience Praise for Ludwig Live! on the Edinburgh Fringe Website

“Wasn’t sure what to expect – but my wife and I were blown away by the versatility of these two very talented artists. They have it all.”
“Two very talented, amusing and energetic performers.”
“We really enjoyed this show – perhaps the best thing we have seen at the Fringe this year. Both performers are very talented; they are great musicians and the impressions were excellent and full of energy.”
“Very clever and very funny. The delivery and timing is perfect. The rendition of Ode to Joy is utterly brilliant. Beethoven is hilarious and his ‘assistant’, Kathy, is equally extremely talented.”
“A very entertaining hour of songs and jokes…just don’t mention Mozart!”


Reviews of Robert in Boris Godunov at the Brockley Jack Theatre

“Robert Hazle as Pushkin (one of four roles) retains a balance of coolness and anger… One of the best productions I’ve seen on the London Fringe – your crime to miss it!”
Martin Slidel, What’s On London
“The cast play multiple characters on point… Robert Hazle added comedy as Pushkin, Misail and Kurbsky.”
Angie Quinn, The National Student
“Another striking moment was when Pushkin, played by Robert Hazle (one of his four roles), said to Dmitry, towards the end of the play: ‘You’ve started the game – the game for Moscow. Even if you died, would it stop?’”
Alexandra May, The Kompass


Further praise for Robert

“Hazle [Bobby] is suitably coy and wistful”
Susan Elkin, The Stage, Drama Studio London 1-Year Course Graduate Showcase
“High spots [included] ‘And Her Mother Came Too’ [Hazle], a witty ditty of frustrated passion well executed”
Cherry Potts (, Ivor Novello Gala, Oxbridge Opera
“Robert Hazle… gave an hilarious rendition of the old Music Hall favourite ‘Poor Noah Moore’
Review of The Stanley Spencer Gallery 50th Anniversary Celebration
“…and then, totally stealing the show, Mr Goldbury (Robert Hazle)”
Review, Utopia, Limited, Buxton Opera House


Praise for Robert as Captain Corcoran in HMS Pinafore, Oxford

“…sang very well, his rich baritone conveying a great deal of expression in his second act opener”
“owlish… entertainingly ineffectual… lovely sound”
“Robert Hazle is strong… Handling the tonal changes and emotion involved”
Cherwell Newspaper


Praise for Robert as Wilfred Shadbolt in The Yeomen of the Guard, Old Fire Station

“I also liked Robert Hazle’s finger-twisting, nail-biting Wilfred Shadbolt, and he wrings every ounce of humour from the shambling, self-deluded gaoler. Some of the best moments of the night came from the interplay between [Hazle and Zosia Kuczynska], particularly the wooing scene”
The Oxford Times
“Robert Hazle is very good… The best scene of the play is where [Hazle and David Jones] are playing off each other, with just the two of them onstage”
“the double acts between [Hazle and Kuczynska] … Very energetic and funny”